What's this web site about?

We started this site for a few reasons:

Does "Rabbit-Rabbit" mean anything?

It's a saying we learned as children which is supposed to bring good luck. But you don't just say "Rabbit, Rabbit!" and have good fortune fall your way. No indeed! You have to work at it a little: on the first day of the month and the first thing you say for that day, hop on your left foot and say "Rabbit, Rabbit!" For good measure, include birthdays, anniversaries and New Years Day.

Does "Rabbit-Rabbit!" really work?

Well, barring falling on your butt while hopping, it can't hurt, now can it?! In the abstract, there may be some basis for all this. To make this work, you have to maintain a presence in the moment, i.e. you have to be concious of days, dates, times, commitments, things that need to be done or that you want to do, whatever. If you can train yourself to keep track of all these things you need to do or think about, you will no doubt start making your own luck:

"... one gets lucky once in awhile, and everyone should realize by now that luck is the residue of effort!"
Street Smarts, Connors & Raschke, 1995